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Sunday, March 14, 2004
Good morning, folks! Once again, it's been a very long time since I last posted. What can I say? Well, "I'll post more often from now on" would do just fine, though I don't know how well I can live up to that, the chaos of my life being as it is.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that a new update has been posted today. Here's the "boilerplate" announcement:

For the Love of Opera Gloves goes back for
another visit to the Golden Age of the opera glove, the Edwardian Era, today! We've updated
no less than 18 collections of the great stars of the turn of the last century (including
two new ones, for Carrie Moore and Mabel Love), and also are proud to present a big new
collection of video-capture stills from the classic 1970's BBC miniseries "Edward The King",
chronicling the life of the British king who gave his name to the period - and featuring
lots and lots and lots of beautiful ladies in the opera-glove fashions of the late 1800's
and early 1900's! (Francesca Annis, whose miniseries "Lillie" is featured on our site, first
played Lillie Langtry in this production.) Modern web pin-up stars Kate Donovan (of Kate's
Pinups) and Sister Decadence have also contributed new images for their pages, so be sure
to pay them a visit too!

The complete list of new and updated pages is as follows:

Edwardian Celebrities (general collection) - 13 pages
Ada Reeve
Carrie Moore
The Dare Sisters - 3 pages
Edna May - 2 pages
Ellaline Terriss - 2 pages
Frances Cleveland
Gabrielle Ray
Gaynor Rowlands
Gertie Millar
Isabel Jay
Lillie Langtry - 2 pages
Lily Elsie
Madge Lessing
Mabel Green
Mabel Love
Maie Ash
Marie Studholme
Queenie Leighton
"Edward The King" vidcaps - 28 pages
Kate's Pinups
Sister Decadence

Visit the What's New page for a complete list
of the new vidcap galleries! Please don't forget to support For the Love of Opera Gloves by
clicking on one of our rotating ad sponsor banners or by making a contribution via our
Amazon or PayPal "collection box" buttons - it costs money to keep the website running and
growing and your support is very much appreciated!

I do have one other announcement to make: as of today, hotlinking (the practice of using the < img > tag to link directly to pictures at For the Love of Opera Gloves to bring them up as full-size images at another site) has been disabled except for certain sites such as this one. HOTLINKING STEALS BANDWIDTH!!! I welcome text links to the site, or to any part thereof, from another site, and I'm glad to lend out pictures to anyone who asks, but I will not put up with people using < img > to leech bandwidth - which I have to pay for - from my server. I'm sorry to be so harsh, but there it is.

Anyway, enjoy the new update!