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Friday, March 28, 2003
Obviously no new developments overnight, as I went to bed shortly after posting my last entry; I just wanted to get back on my regular schedule. :) The war has thrown everything off, but I'm looking forward to be able to get back to working on the site again soon. Here's Dorothy Malone in strapless gown with black-opera-gloved arms behind her head:

Thursday, March 27, 2003
Yet another quiet day - so quiet, in fact, that I almost forgot to post an entry. But I do want to make an announcement. It appears that there may be some confusion caused by search engine results which results in For the Love of Opera Gloves incorrectly being linked with another (clothing vendor) site. For the record, one site has nothing to do with the other, we have no claims whatsoever on that other site's trademark, and details will be going up on the main site later with a link to the correct site for people who might have gotten directed to us by accident.

Today's POTD is Gene Tierney in black fringed gown with matching (non-fringed) operas:

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Another quiet day. I'm going to be _very_ careful with my machine today, since this is the canonical day for the Chernobyl worm/virus to strike; I got hit by it last year and ended up having to reinstall Windows (though fortunately I didn't lose any site data). Today's POTD features Dorothy Lamour in a still from "Lulu Belle":

Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Whew. I had a bad moment there last night. I was installing a program, and somehow the installer deleted most of the files in the root directory of my C:\ drive thinking that those were temp files. I was able to recover, though, using the root files from my old HD, so I'm back in business. Still nothing to report as far as the site goes....but I'd like to thank folks for the donations I get and continue to get, they really do help! Please do continue to drop whatever you can into the or PayPal collection "jars" (really "boxes"). From the 1950's Blondes collection, this is 1950's sexpot Denise Darcel in an Esquire pinup shot:

Monday, March 24, 2003
There wasn't a log entry yesterday - sorry for the omission, I seem to have been glued to my TV and to web reports like much of the rest of the country (I didn't even watch the Oscars, but there didn't seem to be much point this year since the stars didn't feel it was politic to do something "frivolous" like dressing up). I'm afraid that I didn't get any work done on the update either - sorry; all I can promise is that I'll get to work on it when I can. I do have two pics to offer you, though, to make up for the skipped blog entry yesterday. First, here's a classy pic of the great Maria Callas in mousquetaires:

And this is Betty Hutton in black elbow-length gloves (the right glove is scrunched down):