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Saturday, February 15, 2003
Good morning, everyone! The snow is falling, but according to the forecasts it's not supposed to be too severe today (though it's going to really sock us in on Sunday night!), so I am going to be going down to an anime convention today. "Anime", for those few of you who might not know, is the Japanese word for animation, and it sometimes seems like most - if not all - of the female characters in anime wear gloves, whether they be "shorties" or up-to-the-shoulder operas.

A longstanding tradition at anime conventions is "cosplay", which, simply defined, is the practice of dressing up like your favorite character, roaming the halls, staying in character, and generally having a blast. (Similar traditions are in place at science-fiction conventions.) Therefore, today's POTD, from The Japanese "Companion"/Event Girl and Cosplay Glove Gallery, shows one pretty young Japanese lass kitted out in black opera gloves (I don't know which anime character in particular this one is, though!):

Friday, February 14, 2003
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Today's the day for the red opera gloves! I hope you folks are having a good time with the new update, and do let me know if you have any problems viewing the new galleries.

Today's POTD comes to you courtesy of The Stephanie Seymour Glove Gallery, and shows Steph in opera gloves of the appropriate color for the day :) ;

Thursday, February 13, 2003
Right - now that the update is posted, that pretty much exhausts me of my news for today. Except for one thing:

I thank you very much for any contributions which you may wish to give for the maintenance and support of For the Love of Opera Gloves via's Honor System or PayPal. It is _much_ more expensive to keep the site up and running than it used to be, as you know if you read this blog regularly, and bandwidth is also a finite (and metered over a certain limit) resource. Therefore, once again, I solicit your donations. Thank you!

For today's POTD, here's an unusual shot from The Suzy Parker Glove Gallery, featuring the redheaded '50's supermodel in black mousquetaires hawking, of all things, Hunt's ketchup:

UPDATE POSTED: Your webmaster is a bit of an insomniac. Sometimes that's a good thing. :) I woke up about midnight and decided I might as well go ahead and get everything up and posted, and by gum, it is now posted - 156 new galleries of vidcaps! (The Alphabetical Index of For the Love of Opera Gloves has also been updated to reflect the new pages.) You can go to What's New at For the Love of Opera Gloves to get a complete list of the new pages - I hope everything works!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
The new site update will be going up tomorrow evening (barring unexpected interruptions in Comcast HSI service)! I'm going to be posting vidcaps from 25 classic movies (some famous, like "Butterfield 8" and "Conquest", others obscure, like "The Truth About Women" and "The Climax"), a whopping 156 new galleries - well over 10,000 images, closer to 15,000. It'll be one of the biggest updates involving completely new material ever at For the Love of Opera Gloves. Watch for further news here on this blog!

Before I start, I have yet another message for whoever's accessing the site via the host KNOCK IT OFF. You've sucked up over 1.5 GB worth of bandwidth so far this month, which is more than *20* times what the next heaviest-downloading visitor has used. You're wasting my finite bandwidth and making it more difficult for other visitors to access the site. Stop whatever you're doing - whether it's hotlinking, spidering, or multiple-download-software using - or I'll have to take other measures.

All right. I've posted another 8 folders of vidcaps for the new update this past night, which makes 21 folders thus far, over 280 MB. I actually have enough to go ahead and formalize the update right now, but I want to make up a few more directories tonight; I may be ready to make the formal post as early as Thursday night, in time for Valentine's Day. One movie I would particularly like to get up for you is "Shine On, Harvest Moon", a '40's musical which is chock-full of glove scenes. Susanna Foster's two horror classics from the same decade, "The Phantom of the Opera" and "The Climax", are also crowded with lovely opera-glove sequences and are also waiting in the upload queue.

Continuing the classic-star theme, today's POTD comes from The Arlene Dahl Glove Gallery; we see the leggy redhead, encased in black shoulder-length operas and fishnets, in a classic '50's cheesecake shot:

Tuesday, February 11, 2003
I'm continuing to monitor bandwidth and it looks as if traffic jumped yesterday. Not necessarily anything to panic about, because it _always_ jumps on Monday, but since I got booted off my previous host for hogging the bandwidth, I'm paranoid these days. Please refer to my previous entry to see what you can do to help me conserve bandwidth - and in particular, do NOT spider this site without my explicit permission. That uses up lots of traffic.

I began to upload the new update last night, 13 directories worth of new vidcaps, 177 MB. I don't know how many directories I'll eventually post, but I opened up a new top-level directory to hold them and I still have 33 vidcap directories left to work on in the "upload queue" folder on my home HD.

Today's POTD comes from yet another star of classic Hollywood, Susan Hayward, from The Susan Hayward Glove Gallery; this is a promo shot for her role as famous '40's singer Jane Froman in the biopic "With A Song In My Heart":

Incidentially, "With A Song In My Heart" is one of the movies that has been vidcapped and is awaiting posting - and now that I've put this picture up, it will probably be included in the next update!

Monday, February 10, 2003
Oops. Looks like I forgot to file my daily report yesterday, or this morning. That means I owe you two POTD's. But first, I have a public-service announcement to the owner of this host in Poland,;

Will you please try to cut back on your bandwidth usage? My logs indicate you've used up over 420 MB of bandwidth in seven visits so far, and that's seven times as much as the next most prolific visitor. I ask you - and everyone else - to remember that I have only a finite amount of traffic allowance available to me per month now, and I have to pay for every gig of overage above the limit. I do have a high allowance, but it's got limits.

So, I'm asking three things of all visitors:

1) Please don't spider the site;

2) Please don't "hotlink" to specific images;

3) Please don't use multiple-download software.

Thank you for your cooperation. :)

Moving onward, I have instituted a text-based, alphabetical index yesterday, which you can now find at The Alphabetical Index of For the Love of Opera Gloves. It still needs work, but I think I'm off to a pretty good start. Try it and tell me what you think!

I've started work on the next update - the long-awaited flood of new vidcaps. Well, awaited by me, anyway; I need to get those things posted and off my primary hard drive into storage! :) I'm planning to get the update formally posted no later than President's Day, so you'll be seeing lots of good classic stuff.

Speaking of classic stuff; as I promised at the top of this post, here are your two POTD's. The first one, from The Barbara Stanwyck Glove Gallery, shows the "Ball of Fire" in a beautiful color portrait probably done as a promo for "Lady of Burlesque":

The second POTD, from The Jane Powell Glove Gallery, shows this great singing star of '50's musicals in her famous corset outfit for "Two Weeks With Love":