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Saturday, January 25, 2003
Sorry I'm late, folks. In plain fact, I have to admit that I've been spending most of today goofing off after this week's effort to get the update posted; I treated myself to a nice steak dinner and then spent most of the afternoon playing the advanced beta of Galactic Civilizations (which is coming out next month). I may do some vidcapping tonight, though, as I have several DVD's that have been sitting around for just about forever that I need to return to Netflix.

Today's POTD is another sample from The Golden Age of the Opera Glove; The Edwardian Era and is a detail from a 1912 photograph by the famous French photographer Artigue, depicting fashionable ladies at the Arteuil racetrack near Paris. There are actually three ladies in the picture, which I had to break up for scanning:

Lady 1 (just look at those slinky black leather operas!)

Lady 2 (this is a B&W picture, but I think her gloves are beige)

Lady 3 (another black-gloved beauty, with her back turned to the camera)

Friday, January 24, 2003
UPDATE AVAILABLE! New material has just been posted to For the Love of Opera Gloves. A new category, Comic Book Heroines in Opera Gloves (13 galleries), has just been created, and here's a sample from Heroines of Marvel Comics in Opera Gloves:

Several new Classic Stars collections have also been created and posted, and major updates (with many original scans) have been made to various Superstar collection. Visit now!

The update is just about ready to go up. I did all the indexes and core site files last night; I didn't upload at the time because my bandwidth was occupied by P2P activity, but it'll be going up this evening.

Those who would like to contribute financially to the upkeep of the website should note that, as of this update, a new method of contribution will become available; c2it by Citibank. Full details will be available when the new material is posted.

Today's POTD comes from Opera Gloves in 1950's Fashion. This is a Cecil Beaton photograph dating from 1948 (the dawn of the "New Look") of an evening gown of the period, originally published in the British edition of Vogue:

Thursday, January 23, 2003
OK, folks, I got the galleries done last evening. This evening I will update the indexes and the other core site files and then begin uploading - cross my fingers, I hope it'll only take a few hours over my cable link. I'm putting up a whole new category of images, several new galleries in the Classic Stars category, and updates to over a dozen star collections.

I've been getting a lot of Royalty books in in preparation for another big Royalty update (a shipment comprising a whopping 40 books is due in tomorrow - I hope!), so today's POTD comes from Royalty in Opera Gloves. You're looking at Queen Elizabeth II (ungloved) with the white-gloved ladies-in-waiting who attended her at her coronation in 1953; unfortunately, I don't have all their names to hand though they're listed in one of those books -

Wednesday, January 22, 2003
We appear to have had some problems with Blogger yesterday, so yesterday's entry hasn't been formally published yet. Just as well, since I don't have any new news to report - I got diverted by other business so didn't have a chance to finish preparing the update yesterday as I had planned. Will work on it this evening, however.\

Today's POTD comes from Opera Gloves in the Pinup Art of Fritz Willis; Mr. Willis was the classic pinup artist who, more than any other, liked picturing his beauties in opera gloves. He was a very popular commercial artist as well, and these are two cover illustration from the programs for a 1950's ice pageant:

Tuesday, January 21, 2003
Today I'm going to finish making up the rest of the new galleries along with the updated core site files, then start uploading them to the server. Watch this space for updates.

I didn't get to see the Golden Globes on Sunday - was anyone wearing long gloves there?

I'm pulling today's POTD from the seemingly bottomless reserves of Edwardian Celebrities in Opera Gloves; today, we see the famous turn-of-the-century actress Camille Clifford, whose marvelously corseted figure was a model for the Gibson Girl, in a rare opera-gloved pose:

Monday, January 20, 2003
UPDATE UPDATE: I've finally started (!!) on preparing the HTML galleries - in fact, I'm more than halfway through. I will finish doing the HTML tomorrow and then start uploading.

In anticipation of new material, here's a second picture for you today (that rarest of events!); it comes from The Jane Russell Glove Gallery, and you're looking at La Russell in her famous (or, if you like, notorious) one-piece cutout outfit from "The French Line", which was so hot for its time that the Hollywood censors forced the scene it featured in to be shot from medium range to avoid people getting too good a gander at Jane's assets:

Sorry I'm late today, opera glove lovers. I have to concede that I've been taking advantage of today's federal holiday to goof off - but then again, I did get some work done; I scanned about fifteen more pictures of Gina Lollobrigida, re-thumbnailed the Lollobrigida collection, and also re-thumbnailed the Brigitte Bardot collection. Everything seems to be just about set for the next update.

Today's POTD is from The Grace Kelly Glove Gallery, and the picture is a splendid formal portrait of Princess Grace of Monaco in full royal regalia accented by one of the creamiest-white pairs of kid opera gloves I've ever seen:

Sunday, January 19, 2003
Bought and installed a Radeon 9000 with 128 MB DDR yesterday; the install went fairly smoothly, though I'm not sure how much performance improvement will result in consequence - there's a bug with VIA motherboard drivers that causes many AGP 4x boards to be limited to AGP 2x, though the word is that there's really no performance difference between the two multipliers at all. I goofed up and spent a good deal more money than I should have on something else (not the Radeon, for which I actually got quite a good price) so I'll probably have to put some stuff up on eBay soon; the good news there is that I have a fair bit of junk that I've acquired over the past couple of months that I have no real use for, but which might fetch a good price.

Let's look at haute couture today. The POTD for Sunday, January 19, 2003, is a classic image of a beauty in a black cut-out halter dress with black satin opera gloves: