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Saturday, January 11, 2003
Well, it turns out I should have put the drives to be worked on on different channels; that would have speeded up the process of data transfer considerably. I probably should also have used disk caching. I'll just have to remember both of those things next time I change a hard drive.

I got in some more stuff today via eBay, so I'm planning to scan that in, also I'm going to be testing my video capture card to make sure it's working properly in the new case. So stand by! Here's the POTD for today, from The Gene Tierney Glove Gallery, showing one of the most beautiful stars of classic Hollywood in an unusually patterned (striped) pair of daytime-style operas circa 1942, when ladies still wore long gloves as part of their chic street wear:

Friday, January 10, 2003
*groan* All night. Literally all night. That's how long it took to transfer the data on the old secondary hard drive to the new secondary HD - and the truly irritating thing is, there wasn't even all _that_ much of it, only about 20 to 22 GB total on all six of the partitions on the drive. So much for the wonders of ATA100. Bleah. The upside is, I now have lots and lots of storage space (2 x 80 GB Western Digital HDD's) , and my upgrading is finished for now - I hope!! Now to start working - at last - seriously on the update.

At any rate, the process finished in time for me to be able to post today's POTD. From Opera Divas in Opera Gloves, here's a lovely autographed photo of the Italian-American opera star Anna Moffo in black opera gloves as Violetta in "La Traviata":

Thursday, January 09, 2003
Well, last evening I transferred all the innards of my system to the new case. The operation basically went smoothly though I'm still a little worried about the stability of the video capture card, there was a bit of hanging/freezing going on but that might have simply been related to the position of the cable - I moved it a couple of hours ago. Everything appears to be working fine otherwise. The final step is to install the new secondary hard drive, then - at last - get going with the update. (I found fifteen or so new Brigitte Bardot pictures last evening which I'll have to add into the gallery, meaning I need to thumbnail that collection again.)

And speaking of BeBe, she's the subject of today's PotD. From The Brigitte Bardot Glove Gallery comes this perfectly lovely image of the young B.B. (when her hair was as often copper as gold) in bright red strapless gown and white opera gloves looking demurely at herself in the mirror:

Wednesday, January 08, 2003
I got all the little parts needed to complete transferring the innards of my system from the old case to the new case, _and_ I found the directions on how to set up front-side USB, so I'm pretty much all set. (Of course, I still don't plan to actually do the deed until this weekend, at which time I also plan to install a new secondary hard drive.) Nothing new to report - _yet_ - on the update.

Just so you don't go away empty, though, I have a new POTD for you today. From The Natalie Wood Glove Gallery, here comes a lovely portrait of Nat in black leather mousquetaires as she appeared in 1964's "Sex and the Single Girl", a fantastic (and increasingly hard-to-find, at least until - and if - it's released on DVD) glove movie:

Tuesday, January 07, 2003
I got another computer case last evening. It's a much better one - larger reset button, dual fan emplacements, side window and everything - except for one thing; I don't have the proper size screws for installing a case fan!! Ugh. Gotta go back _again_. Oh, well, I wasn't planning to swap cases until this weekend anyway.

No new news yet on the update, but it's coming!

I do have a POTD to keep you on your toes, though - this comes from The Doris Day Glove Gallery, and shows a sexy, elegant, opera-gloved young Doris in one of her best movies (and best glove movies), "April in Paris":

Monday, January 06, 2003
Not much in the way of news to report today, given that it's so early in the morning. I may have something more to report tomorrow. (Can you tell that I haven't had my morning coffee yet?)

Today's POTD, from The Daryl Hannah Glove Gallery, features the tall blonde in strapless gold gown and white opera gloves:

Sunday, January 05, 2003
Good afternoon, folks. Sorry I'm late posting - it's been a snowy day outside today. I got that big hard drive yesterday (a Western Digital 80GB, 7200 RPM, 2 MB cache) for a good price, and it seems that the system is already more responsive! I have another HD coming in tomorrow, same brand but a little slower (5400 RPM) which I plan to use for data storage. I bought a new case too because several of the expansion slot screw holes on my current case are stripped out and I'm having difficulty keeping one or two of the cards properly seated, but it turns out I don't really like the case after all (power/reset buttons too small, no instructions, cables confusing) so I'm going to take it back tomorrow and see if I can get something a little better.

Update's still not ready yet, but on the other hand I'm preparing a whole new collection to go up in it - Comic Book Heroines in Opera Gloves! There'll be nearly 500 images in this collection to start with, and I'll be putting up more as they come in in the future.

In the meantime, today's POTD comes from The Debra Paget Glove Gallery, and shows this lovely redheaded star of the 1950's welcoming the New Year in opera gloves: