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Saturday, January 04, 2003
Good morning, folks! Everything seems to be working properly with the server, which makes me feel good. I'm going to be doing some more work on the update today, but I also expect to be doing some system maintenance/upgrade work (installing a much larger hard drive), so we'll see what we'll see when the update is finally ready.

Today's POTD, from The Dorothy Lamour Glove Gallery, is a lobby card from the 1940's movie "Lulu Belle" depicting Dottie in pink operas (the movie is actually in B & W, but is stuffed with great glove scenes):

Friday, January 03, 2003
Good morning, opera glove fans! I think everything's fixed now. The server was still acting strange yesterday morning, but I believe it's been repaired by now so everything should be back to normal. Which means I can finally start processing the much-delayed update...

I thought I'd do something just a little bit more daring today. From the Wrestling Divas in Opera Gloves collection, here's Rena Mero (Sable) on the cover of the September 1999 issue of Playboy magazine:

Thursday, January 02, 2003
Good morning, folks! Hopefully the site is back to normal again - the outages disrupted my update schedule, but I have the new pictures thumbnailed. The next step is to update the HTML, then upload everything. I'm going to try for Friday or Saturday now.

Today's POTD is a really cute offscreen shot of Ann Sheridan in full opera-gloved costume for her role as a showgirl in "Take Me To Town":

Find more pictures of "The Oomph Girl" (she hated that nickname) in opera gloves at The Ann Sheridan Glove Gallery!

Wednesday, January 01, 2003
Happy New Year, everyone! As you will probably have noticed, For the Love of Opera Gloves is back on the air. I hope it'll stay that way - it's always hard on my nerves when the server goes down for whatever reason!

I ended 2002 with a technical goof - possibly. I bought an 80GB Western Digital hard drive off eBay at a fantastic price, only to find upon reading the description that it's a 5400 RPM drive instead of the 7200 RPM that I was looking for. That might not turn out to be a real problem, though, _if_ my secondary HD is also 5400 RPM (you have to put the swap file on the fastest drive). Even so, I think I may still be able to exchange it at the computer show this weekend for a faster drive because it's new and still sealed. (UPDATE: I wrote this part of the entry yesterday morning, but then I went back and checked WDC's site, and I discovered that since my secondary HD is also a 5400 RPM unit, there should be no trouble integrating it with the new primary. That is, when the new primary does come in; it won't ship until Friday due to delays at the vendor's end.)

For the first POTD of 2003, may I present the great Rita Hayworth in a color promotional still from her 1945 movie "Tonight and Every Night":

You get over 150 more gloved images of lovely Rita if you visit The Rita Hayworth Glove Gallery!

Also, since there was no blog entry yesterday, and to make up for lost time, here's a picture of Arwen Undomiel, daughter of Lord Elrond of Rivendell and beloved of Aragorn son of Arathorn, in opera gloves.

*ahem* That is, here's a picture of Liv Tyler in opera gloves:

This picture is part of the huge Celebrities of the 1990's and 2000's in Opera Gloves collection.

Thank you, all of you, for your support and patronage of For the Love of Opera Gloves in the year 2002 just concluded - looking forward to another great year in 2003!

Good morning, folks. Sorry I didn't get a post up for New Year's Eve; Blogger wasn't working this morning, and then when I got home, I forgot about it. I have to advise you that the website server is experiencing problems at this time; it's been working intermittently since yesterday morning - it will go down for several hours at a time, then go back up again (right now it's down). Because of the holiday, I'm not sure if it will be fixed until tomorrow. This means that the update I had planned to post will also not be up until at least tomorrow, either. My apologies, and I'm working to get this fixed as quickly as I can. I know, at any rate, that it's not a total outage / denial of service like that which forced me to move last month; I think there is some kind of technical problem at the server end.

Monday, December 30, 2002
Got all the scanning done - no thanks to my right front tire, which blew out (well, not exactly blew out, but ruptured) and disrupted my day's schedule yesterday while I spent two hours jacking up the car, having the jack break on me, going to buy a hydraulic jack, and then wrestling an exceptionally recalcitrant wheel off the axle. Gah. Anyway, I'm set to start putting together the galleries for the new update tonight, and you'll be seeing quite a lot of new pics.

The POTD for this day - only two days left in 2002, ain't that something? - is a lovely portrait of a 1948 ballgown by Christian Dior, at the dawn of the famous "New Look". Notice the unusual way in which the tops of the model's opera gloves are cut so that the gloves open up on the insides of her biceps, above her elbows:

Want to see more? Visit Opera Gloves in the Haute Couture of Balenciaga, Dior and Valentino.

Sunday, December 29, 2002
Another day, another pair of opera gloves. I did a good deal of post-Christmas shopping yesterday, though oddly, I didn't come back with much of anything. Then again, I remembered after I got home that I had clean forgotten I want one of those newfangled electric grills, so I'll go back out again today to get myself one. I also reviewed several more movies for scenes for vidcapping, but I didn't actually get any scanning done yesterday either - I will today, though. I already have the directories lined up that I want to post for the next update.

Carmen Miranda is best remembered for her outrageous fruit-laden headdresses, but she occasionally wore gloves too. Today's POTD shows the Brazilian bombshell in a typically wild ensemble that was designed for her 1944 movie "Greenwich Village", accessorized by glittery black opera gloves:

You can find some more pictures at The Carmen Miranda Glove Gallery!