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Saturday, December 21, 2002
Good morning, folks. My cable connection is mysteriously operational again - for how long, who knows? I'm going out of town today for the Christmas holiday, so the update is now formally postponed until at least next week. I still intend to get it out before the 31st, though.

Since I won't be able to post quite as easily to the Opera Glove Blog from my parents' home, I'm going to put up six days' worth of POTD's for you to hold you until the 26th of December. Ready? Here goes:

Cindy Crawford from The Cindy Crawford Glove Gallery:

Doris Day in a still from "Romance on the High Seas", excerpted from The Doris Day Glove Gallery:

Rosalind Russell from The Rosalind Russell Glove Gallery:

Ice-skating beauties by Fritz Willis from The Opera-Gloved Pinup Art of Fritz Willis:

Ann-Margret from The Ann-Margret Glove Gallery:

and Anthea Turner in the perfect gown for the season from British Celebrities in Opera Gloves:

Merry Christmas, everyone! See you next week (if the cable connection doesn't go whacky again...)

Friday, December 20, 2002
Good morning, folks. What with one thing and another, it doesn't look like I'll get the update out in time for Christmas after all. :( My apologies. The latest problem to hit is that my cable connection appears to have gone on the blink - the connection will cut off for up to several hours at a time, with the modem just sitting there with the cable light blinking in boot-up mode. Comcast thinks there's a line problem between the server and my modem somewhere, so they're sending a truck out to test. The bad news is, the tech won't be available until _next_ Saturday. The good news, more or less, is that it doesn't matter that much because I'm out of town over Christmas week so won't be in a position to get frustrated about my computer anyway.

Anyhow, today's POTD is the late Adele Jergens (1918-2002) in a very nice late-'40's showgirl cheesecake shot:

You will find this picture, of course, and more of Adele at The Adele Jergens Glove Gallery.

Thursday, December 19, 2002
Good morning once again! There's still one payout check from my refinance tied up in limbo, though all parties are in agreement that the money ought to go to me, and the equity line of credit application is bogged down because the potential investor was using old credit-report information which caused them to decline the first time around. All in all, another normal day in the tangled story of my finances. On the other hand, I did get the new dishwasher installed today, and it works like a charm.

Enough about me, though - on to the gloves. Today's POTD is six-foot-tall actress Geena Davis, shown at an Academy Awards show in the early 1990's (I believe 1992) wearing a rather fantastical and ornate poufy, ruffled white outfit (with black stockings??) which is redeemed by a lovely pair of white satin shoulder-length gloves:

This photo is part of, of course, The Geena Davis Glove Gallery.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Good morning, folks. I'm going to be busier than the proverbial one-armed paperhanger today as I rush about getting a new dishwasher installed (I'm peeved that the installer wouldn't give me a more specific time frame than 1 to 5 pm, so I have to take my whole afternoon off from work for no good reason when I'm not quite sure I have enough leave time), and also go to the bank to look into a matter with some payout checks from my refinance. I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure at this point that I'll be able to get the new update posted before Christmas after all, but I'll do the best I can.

Who would you like to look at today? (Silly question, really, because I make the decisions here. :) ) Today's POTD is the late Grace Kelly - Princess Grace of Monaco - gracing, if you will excuse the mild pun, the cover of Life magazine in 1956 in character and costume for the ball scene in her last movie, "The Swan":

This lovely image is part of the Grace Kelly Glove Gallery.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002
Good morning, everyone. Hope you've all gotten your
Christmas shopping done - I'm still working on it. For that special woman in your life, a nice pair of fine leather gloves - especially opera-length gloves - is always a good choice. You'll find some vendors on the Links page.

Our POTD for Tuesday, December 17, is one of the great glovers of our time, Joan Collins, in a scrumptious formal portrait:

Nearly 200 more images are available in our JC collection, starting at The Joan Collins Glove Gallery.

Monday, December 16, 2002
Good morning, folks. It appears I missed my usual log entry yesterday. I have a good excuse, though, or rather, two good excuses: the first is that I was spending most of yesterday morning doing vidcaps, and the second is that when I tried to put in a log entry, Blogger wasn't working correctly so the post didn't go up.

Anyway, here are two POTD's to catch you up. The first, what would normally have been Sunday's, is Kirsten Dunst in "The Cat's Meow":

from The Kirsten Dunst Glove Gallery.

The second is a nice and sexy portrait of voluptuous British singer Samantha Fox:

from The Samantha Fox Glove Gallery