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Saturday, December 14, 2002
Well, this is probably going to be my busiest day before Christmas. I have to go to the post office to pick up those three movies I mentioned yesterday, then make arrangements for dispatching the payoff checks from my refinance and travel plans for Christmas, then up to Best Buy to get myself a new dishwasher (!! - yes, it's true; my old GE dishwasher has been broken down for over a year and I've had to hand-wash my dishes all this time) and do Christmas shopping.

Before I do any of that, though, I must fulfill my obligations to loyal readers, and that means a new POTD. Let me dig around here a minute in my files....ah yes, here we are. Another example of the Japanese "Companion Girl" phenomenon. Just in case you missed the earlier exhibit, these are pretty young ladies - many of them actresses and models - who work at the exhibit booths at conventions and expositions, dressed up in all sorts of outfits ranging from tres elegant to tres bizarre. The Japanese having a great fondness for gloves, many of these "Event Girls" wear opera gloves, as in this picture of a beauty in white minidress and white opera gloves hawking tires (!!!);

Our site has over 2,000 images of these unique women, beginning with Japanese "Event Girls" in Opera Gloves, Gallery 1.

Friday, December 13, 2002
I got in "De Mayerling a Sarajevo", one of Max Ophuls' typically lush films with several very nice glove scenes starring the lovely Edwige Feuillere (sp?), and the 1955 version of "Napoleon" with lots of well-known French and Italian actresses in period opera gloves, yesterday. Also, "I Can Get It For You Wholesale", "Lace", and "The Battle of Austerlitz" are waiting for me at the post office. All these films cost money, so make sure to keep the donations coming via Amazon and PayPal!

Today's POTD is Cybill Shepherd, the star of "Moonlighting", looking incredibly glam in what I think is a promo photo for her role in the 1979 remake of "The Lady Vanishes":

A large set of vidcaps from "The Lady Vanishes" is, of course, available at For the Love of Opera Gloves, and Cybill has her own gallery at The Cybill Shepherd Glove Gallery.

Thursday, December 12, 2002
Another quiet day on the opera-glove front - and in this case, no news means good news, since the site is purring quietly along and everyone seems to be finding their way in just fine. I put in the first month's payment last night; don't forget to drop something into the Amazon or PayPal boxes if you want to help out with site upkeep.

Our POTD for today is Romy Schneider in the famous 1950's German movie trilogy "Sissi", in which she played Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary and became an international star:

The white kid opera gloves are actually wrong for the period (1860's), but Romy looks lovely anyway, and I'm working on getting the "Sissi" trilogy for vidcapping. You can find some more pictures of Romy as Elisabeth at the Romy Schneider Glove Gallery.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Not a whole lot of news today - I'm just taking care of some last business regarding the refinance. I'm afraid I must have annoyed my loan officer yesterday with all sorts of querulous emails regarding the payout checks. :) Oh! Not much new to report on the site, either, but I'm starting to plan for a pre-Christmas update.

The POTD for today is Joanne Woodward in a still from "A New Kind Of Love" (a great glove movie, but she's not wearing a very flattering wig in this picture);

This fine image is part of The Joanne Woodward Glove Gallery.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002
We're back on the air, as it were. I finished uploading the last group of video capture stills (slightly over 100 MB) last evening, so everything - give or take some images that may have gotten broken in transit during various burps in the FTP process - is now back in place.

Just in case you were wondering - and even if you _weren't_ wondering :) - I finally completed the refinance on my mortgage this past weekend. Extra cash will be coming in soon and I'm taking advantage of that to order up a raft of new movies for vidcapping via eBay and clippings and articles for scanning.

Today's POTD is a French beauty of the 1950's who is unfortunately not much remembered today, Martine Carol, the star of "Lola Montes", who is seen here in formal gown and white opera gloves in a promotional portrait for her 1957 movie "Action of the Tiger":

This image is part of the new Martine Carol Glove Gallery. I would like to find her movie "Nathalie" (a/k/a The Foxiest Girl in Paris), and I am currently expecting her Napoleonic epic "Austerlitz" (in which Claudia Cardinale also appears in opera gloves).

Monday, December 09, 2002
Good morning! I'm glad to report that we're almost done with uploading; the last batch, about 105 MB, is going up right now and ought to be posted sometime this morning. With that group of images, For the Love of Opera Gloves will be 100% operational again.

I'm working on collecting images of opera-gloved beauties from the comics. I've found a great many images of "Dawn" (Image Comics), various of the female members of the X-men (Marvel Comics), the "Invisible Woman" (Marvel Comics), and have also received some contributions. Your own contributions or suggestions are solicited; I already have enough images to make up ten or more full-size galleries.

Today's POTD is, once again, one of my favorites, Gina Lollobrigida. This image is a scan of a 1950's Italian magazine showing La Lollo, in black opera gloves, accepting an award:

As I've noted before, For the Love of Opera Gloves maintains a large collection of photos of "the Colosseum" (as Italians call Gina these days for her agelessness and durability) at The Gina Lollobrigida Glove Gallery.

Sunday, December 08, 2002
Good morning, opera-glove fans! Uploading of the vidcaps continues; over 430 MB have been re-posted so far. We've only got another 500-some MB to go before we're all done; I hope we can get it finished by this evening.

This new host has a lot of good features, and I think it will be more stable than the last one (well, actually, the last host was stable for fifteen months until my data based on their server there went *pop* into the ether last Sunday). However, hosting is going to be significantly more expensive from now on. Whereas with the previous host I had a flat $45 per year fee, charges $24.95/month, or $290.40/year. I'm ready to pay the first month's dues this week, thanks to you folks out there, but more donations are respectfully solicited; you can drop them into either the Amazon or PayPal tip jars. (Not to mention that I've just bought up $200 or so worth of 1950's-vintage clippings of movie stars of the period off eBay, plus a whole raft of new movies; all that is going onto the site, and all that costs money.)

The POTD for today, Sunday, December 8, is the very lovely and very shapely Virginia Mayo in a full-color pose from "She's Working Her Way Through College" (just look at those legs, but don't forget the red opera gloves!):

"She's Working Her Way Through College", co-starring Ronald Reagan 28 years before he became President, will be coming to For the Love of Opera Gloves as a vidcap collection in the not-too-distant future. For now, though, you can see more stills and posters from that classic comedy, along with many more pictures of Virginia, at The Virginia Mayo Glove Gallery!