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Saturday, November 30, 2002
Good morning, opera glove fans. Today's big news is that, at long last, I have broadband Internet! I purchased a cable modem yesterday and acquired an account from Comcast, installation went smoothly, and I'm zipping along faster than I ever did except on T1-connected machines at work. Hopefully, that means no more 3-day upload ordeals like with the most recent update; upstream speed is limited to 128K, but that's still four times as fast as 33.6K (the maximum upstream speed for dialup), so I estimate I could upload up to 56 - 57 MB/hour, quite enough for most uploading purposes.

As Zsa Zsa Gabor has been in the news again (best wishes for her speedy and complete recovery, and next time she really ought to wear a seatbelt!) today's POTD is of the marriage-loving Hungarian beauty queen turned B-movie (and occasionally A-movie) queen, in a classic 1950's cheesecake shot complete with black lace operas:

You can see more of Zsa Zsa and her late sister, Eva, at The Gabor Sisters Glove Gallery. I even managed to find a picture of Magda Gabor, the third sister, last night!

Friday, November 29, 2002
Good morning, everyone - I'm back! Hope you didn't all overstuff yourselves yesterday. I broke with tradition and had myself a most excellent roasted duckling for my own Thanksgiving supper; the only problem with eating out is that you don't generally get second helpings (unless you're at one of those all-you-can-eat places). I got back pretty late last night, or I'd have made a post then.

Hope you folks are enjoying the new update. Today's POTD is flame-haired, curvy Ann-Margret, from Sweden by way of Chicago, as she appeared in "The Two Mrs. Grenvilles" some years back; I tried to get that movie off eBay earlier this week but had to drop out of the bidding when it got too expensive, perhaps next time:

Those wishing to see more of this splendid redhead in opera gloves need only visit to satisfy their desire!

11/29/2002 07:17:00 AM

Wednesday, November 27, 2002
UPDATE POSTED: I have just finished posting the latest update to the site! The following existing individual-star galleries have been updated:

Britney Spears (over 100 new images!)
Sarah, Duchess of York (expanded to 2 pages)
Stephanie Beacham (expanded to 3 pages)
Joan Collins

The following new galleries have been added to the Classic Stars collection:

Alice Faye
Ann Blyth
Claudia Cardinale
Danielle Darrieux
Debra Paget
Frances Cleveland
Isabel Jay
Martine Carol

The following new galleries have been added to the Fashion collection:

Court Dress of the Edwardian Era (4 pages)
Christian Lacroix
Yves St. Laurent

The following new galleries have been added to the Modern Stars collection:

Heather Locklear
Jacqueline Bisset
Jennifer Lopez
Marisa Tomei
Naomi Campbell
Princess Michael of Kent
Sharon Stone
Traci Lords

As I am going to be away overnight, here, in advance, is the POTD for Thursday, November 28, Thanksgiving Day. Presenting legendary French actress Danielle Darrieux in black opera gloves from "Potboille", a 1957 film:

Visit the new Danielle Darrieux Glove Gallery for more!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Man alive, this refinance thing _and_ the upload process are turning me into a nervous wreck. My loan officer tells me that because of the holiday delays, we likely won't close until next Monday (aargh) and the FTP server keeps cutting me off every ten megabytes or so (double aargh). *sigh* Well, needs must when the devil drives, so I've been bouncing up and down all night to take care of what I _can_ take care of - namely, the FTP upload for the new update, which is in fact almost finished. The refinance papers will just have to be handled at the other end.

I may be posting two POTD's today because I'll be out of town overnight for Thanksgiving; I expect to be back home late tomorrow evening but might not be able to get back online until Friday, and anyway it looks like I'll have to officially post the update before I leave. So here we go with POTD #1, Wednesday's regular offering. This is the star of "Chocolat", Juliette Binoche, at the 2001 Screen Actors Guild awards show in black operas with a black strapless gown, pale yellow jacket and a very French beret:

Be sure to visit The Juliette Binoche Glove Gallery for more images! See you early this afternoon with update news, I hope...

Tuesday, November 26, 2002
Still having trouble with that FTP server, but uploading is continuing and I still intend to get everything posted by tomorrow even if I have to stay up all night to do it. (And just in case you wanted to hear anything more about that refinance - no, no new news yet; I'm still hoping to close the deal tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see.)

Today's POTD goes back to the modern day to show you Victoria's Secret stalwart Eva Herzigova wearing just a little bit more than some of you may be accustomed to seeing her in as she sashays down the runway - including black opera gloves:

Visit The Eva Herzigova Glove Gallery to see more!

Monday, November 25, 2002
Uploading on the new update commenced yesterday, starting with the vidcaps, as I informed you in yesterday's post. I had the usual problems with balky FTP - I really _have_ got to get DSL or cable - but all the same I managed to get about 150 MB out of 200 MB uploaded yesterday, and also have prepared half or so of the other galleries for posting. I think everything shuold be ready by Wednesday morning.

Today's POTD is "The Last Star", Elizabeth Taylor, in her most glamorous (or so I think, anyway) period in the 1950's. (It's a puzzlement to me why she hasn't done any, or hardly any, really good movies in close to 35 years, but I digress.) Anyway, the below picture shows Liz wearing black opera gloves at the premiere of "Giant", accompanied by the one among her husbands whom some believe to be the great love of her life, Mike Todd:

A collection of over 100 images of ET in gloves is available for perusal at The Elizabeth Taylor Glove Gallery.

Sunday, November 24, 2002
Good morning, folks, and welcome to Thanksgiving week. Sorry this post is a little later than usual in the day; I was doing system maintenance (virus check, defragging, etc.), and you should be too!

I got a lot of work done on the forthcoming update yesterday, particularly with the vidcap collections; 28 folders are thumbnailed, HTML'ed, and ready to upload - in fact I'll start the FTP going in just a few minutes; this will take quite some time, because there's over 200 MB of vidcaps to post alone. They're evenly divided between reworks of existing galleries and brand-new collections. I also have nearly 20 new individual star and fashion galleries which will be ready to upload later today once HTML work is finished.

Today's POTD is yet another of the glamorpusses of golden Hollywood, and a face that will be familiar to anyone who's ever used CorelDraw: Hedy Lamarr. This is, in fact, one of the best-known pictures of the star of "Ecstasy", showing her wearing a big black picture hat, black lace opera gloves and a pensive expression:

More pictures - not as many as I would like, but more - are available at The Hedy Lamarr Glove Gallery!