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Saturday, November 16, 2002
OK, today is the day - or at least it should be the day; the appraiser is set to show up in a couple of hours, and I _still_ have cleaning to do. Of course, I might just get as much done as I can and then say "the heck with it" and display myself in all the glory of my bachelor clutter. What say you?

Selecting POTD's can be a difficult job sometimes, because there's just such a gigantic volume of stuff; so far, I think I've taken you through over 50 different directories without repeating. It's about time I showed you something that isn't a photograph, so today's offering is an illustration from a 1950's ad for Crescendo gloves by the famed fashion artist Rene Gruau, for many years the in-house artist for the House of Dior:

Many more examples of M. Gruau's work (he's still alive and creating) can be found at Opera Gloves in the Fashion Illustrations of Rene Gruau.

Friday, November 15, 2002
Good morning, folks! This report is a little early, but then I'm an early riser. The appraisal on the condo is set for sometime tomorrow morning, and I'm more or less - more like "less", because there are still several piles of various impedimenta (_not_ trash) in the front room to be stowed - finished with cleaning, aside from dusting and vacuuming. Wish me luck (my loan officer had to soothe me last night via email when I got all nervous on him. :) )

The POTD for Friday, 15 November, is the famous Italian-American opera diva Anna Moffo in costume for one of her roles (thus, once again, proving that "opera" is a suitable adjective to append to this kind of glove, even if I'm _still_ not quite sure how the term as a whole came to be);

A somewhat small - by comparison with, for example, the Marilyn Monroe library - but growing collection of images of great opera singers in opera gloves may be found at Opera Divas in Opera Gloves.

(Incidentially, many thanks for the contributions via Amazon Honor System. Keep them coming - and you can also contribute via PayPal!)

Thursday, November 14, 2002
Bouncing back to classic opera-gloved stars today (and by the way, I _did_ do some work on cleaning yesterday, in case you're wondering; I collected another bag of trash and finally got an e-mail from the appraiser looking to set up an appointment). The POTD for Thursday, 14 November, is the great dancing star Cyd Charisse. The outfit she's wearing, complete with shoulder-length black operas, is her famous "Girl Hunt" costume from "The Bandwagon":

For the Love of Opera Gloves offers a large collection of gloved images of Cyd at The Cyd Charisse Glove Gallery!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002
Goofed off on the condo cleanup yesterday, I'm sorry to say, but then again what do you expect from a lazy slowpoke like me? It's been a rainy, gray week here in Washington, and I've been somewhat anxiously watching for tornadoes; there were some high winds yesterday, but nothing really out of the ordinary (though it was way too hot on Monday, I had to turn my heating off!)

Today's POTD is of a beauty I would like to find more images of, B-movie queen Monique Gabrielle. The pose she's striking is a popular one with a lot of models, though the scan unfortunately cuts off most of her long legs (if anyone has a full-body version of this image, I would be much obliged to them for supplying it to me;)

Several more images of Monique, along with almost 160 other pics of B-movie stars and starlets, may be viewed at B-Movie Queens in Opera Gloves.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Moving along on condo cleanup. The front room still has a lot of neatening up to do, but I've stowed the loose computer parts that were lying around (I have almost enough to build a third system, if I had room for a third system) and filled up yet another bag of trash. Should be finished by the time the appraisers decide to make their appearance.

Here's a lady who is long overdue for a spot on our POTD, Joan Collins. She's been a favorite since For the Love of Opera Gloves started - indeed, she's a glove-fancier in Real Life (tm) herself - and this is one of the nicest portraits I have of her in my collection, a B&W shot in which she's wearing a white turban and shoulder-length black operas:

I have enough pictures of La Collins in gloves to fill up four galleries, starting off at The Joan Collins Glove Gallery.

Monday, November 11, 2002
Odd the way how things work out. I had intended to spend yesterday cleaning the front room, and I did in fact move a good deal of trash out, but I ended up looking for Britney Spears pictures instead. Britney Spears pictures? Yes, indeed. The queen of teen pop wore black lace (fingerless) opera gloves at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York this past August, and I came up with nearly 150 pictures of the event (!). Those will be posted in a future update - heck, I might even put them up this week.

The topic of young female singers naturally brings me to "Lady Marmalade", last year's smash video of the song from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack which featured no fewer than four stars - Christina Aguilera (Britney's chief rival and fellow ex-Mousketeer), Pink (who is getting really, really hot in recent months), Li'l Kim and Mya - wearing opera gloves. The below picture is not as large as I'd like, but here's a group shot of the femme fab four:

(From left to right; Li'l Kim in gold, Pink in fingerless black, Mya in black lace and Christina in red)

I'm given to understand that the success of this video has supercharged the L.A.-based burlesque troupe, the Pussycat Dolls, with whom a lot of Hollywood stars (including Christina A. herself and also Christina Applegate) have danced in the last couple of years. I can't find any good opera-glove shots of them, though I understand they wear operas often; anyone else have any?

In the meantime, see over 100 more pictures of these four opera-gloved songstresses at Opera Gloves in the "Lady Marmalade" video; Christina Aguilera, Li'l Kim, Pink and Mya!

Sunday, November 10, 2002
Another week begins!

I amassed quite a few "Companion Girl" pictures yesterday, and also got a good deal accomplished on the house-cleaning project. I'm going to start work on the front room today; I get an instinctive reluctance to do it, because it _looks_ like the worst part (even though a good deal of trash has already been cleared out), but it's got to be done all the same.

Maribel Verdu, hailing from Spain, is hot these days with her recent movie "Y Tu Mama Tambien", which has just been released on DVD. Here's a picture from a few years back of a topless Maribel in tight black pants and black operas, up against the wall:

A number of other pictures of Srta. Verdu, as well as other Spanish beauties wearing opera gloves, are availabe at Spanish Celebrities in Opera Gloves.