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Saturday, November 09, 2002
Good morning, my fellow opera-glove enthusiasts.

Right now, I am considering putting the next update up sometime next week. It'll be vidcaps, most likely, because I have so many of them, though I'm not sure yet just which ones; I have over 80 folders' worth in the queue. I can assure you, though, they'll be ones you'll enjoy!

I've been doing a little work on running down "Companion Girl" pictures for the next time I update that collection. For those not in the know on this phenomenon, "Companion Girls", also known as "Event Girls", are the beautiful women, usually professional models or actresses, who staff the exhibits at expositions and conventions in Japan. They're closely related to the umbrella-wielding "Race Queens" who are to be found in great numbers at all motor-racing events in that country, and they're particularly ubiquitous at the various auto shows. The nation's biggest auto show, the Tokyo Motor Show, is currently in progress (or has just concluded, I'm not quite sure which) and the numerous "Companion Girl" sites have been an extraordinarily fertile field for opera-glove images.

This photo, last year, for example, was taken at the "Auto Messe", one of the biggest Japanese auto shows (one of the largest convention centers in Japan is the Makuhari Messe in the Tokyo suburbs);

So far, I have over 2,200 images in the Companion Girl Collection, in 52 galleries; you can start your tour at Japanese "Event Girls" in Opera Gloves, Gallery 1. So far, I have over 240 new images in the queue and many more are likely to appear in the next few weeks.

Friday, November 08, 2002
Good morning, fellow opera-glove lovers.

On a personal note, what a difference just picking up trash makes; I can actually _move_ around my bedroom now, not to mention the rest of my place. Cleanup operations continue, so don't count too much on getting an update this weekend. (Actually, with the gigantic volume of material that's already present on the site, it's not as if you folks are starved for material!)

India, because of its hot climate, is not commonly thought of as a place where opera gloves might be expected to be found, but as I've discovered, many of Bollywood's celebrities love to put on the ritz. (Bollywood is the generic term for the huge Indian film industry, centered in the suburbs of Bombay.) Here's Madhuri Dixit, one of Bollywood's biggest stars, in black satin operas:

Many more photos of Indian celebrities, including a startling number of world-class beauty queens, can be viewed at Indian Celebrities in Opera Gloves.

Thursday, November 07, 2002
Good morning once again, opera glove aficionados.

There may not be an update this week, because I have the press of Real World business (tm) to see to; as I mentioned the other day, I'm refinancing my mortgage, and part of that involves cleaning my house. I did some work in the kitchen last night and it's looking startlingly better, but there's still quite a ways to go. Will be doing a lot of work this weekend, that's for sure!

Here's another old-time star for you as your POTD for Thursday. Can you guess who the beauty in the big hat with the pensive expression and the kid-gloved hands under her chin is?

Yep, that's right, Billie Burke. Long before she achieved immortality as Glinda the Good in "The Wizard of Oz", Billie was one of the leading lights of the English stage in the Edwardian period. If you would like to see more of Billie in long white gloves, visit The Billie Burke Glove Gallery!

Wednesday, November 06, 2002
Good morning, opera glove devotees. I hope American readers of this site exercised their constitutional franchise yesterday! It seems that the voters proved quite a few pundits wrong in their choices - I always love it when that happens.

For the Love of Opera Gloves doesn't, perhaps unfortunately, have a ballot box for you to vote for your own favorites, but I think we can provide you with a lot of good choices for viewing anyway. Today's POTD is of the well-known Edwardian theatrical star, Ellaline Terriss, striking a somewhat balletic pose (Miss Terriss, incidentially, was born way out on the edge of nowhere in the Falkland Islands!);

Ellaline Terriss, IMHO one of the prettiest of the fin-de-siecle crop of stage beauties, can be seen at The Ellaline Terriss Glove Gallery.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002
Good morning, people. Taking a break from digging through piles of old paper trying to find my 2001 W-2's, which are needed as part of the supporting documentation for the mortgage refinance. *sigh* I did find my 1999 W-2, not that it'll probably be that much help.

But anyway, as I said yesterday, life goes on. I was invited to join a Virginia Mayo group at Yahoo! yesterday, and in honor of that small occasion, today's POTD features one of the prettiest blondes of 1940's Hollywood in black chiffon operas:

(No, this photo doesn't belong to me; I found the scanned image elsewhere.) See more of gloved Ginny at The Virginia Mayo Glove Gallery!

Monday, November 04, 2002
Another workweek begins. The new update won't necessarily go up _this_ week, due to the press of other business; notably, I'm in the process of refinancing my mortgage, and I have a fair number of things to take care of, especially getting my place in order for the appraisers. (Took out a _lot_ of trash this weekend, but there's still so much to do...)

But life goes on, and there are still opera gloves to be worn. I thought I'd give you a look at one of Christian Dior's more unusual creations, a truly lovely 1880's-style outfit based on Manet's paintings and originally designed in 1956, as the POTD for today:

Some 120 images of Dior fashions with gloves, as well as the gloved creations of two other well-known European fashion designers, Balenciaga and Valentino, may be viewed at The Opera-Gloved Fashions of Balenciaga, Dior and Valentino.

Sunday, November 03, 2002
I must be getting old. There was a time when I was able to put away a liter and a half of wine without ill effects the next morning. Not this time. I don't _think_ I have what could properly be called a hangover, but I don't feel that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, either.


Not all that much to report on the opera-glove front this morning, though I did locate some nice pictures from Iman's 1992 wedding with David Bowie. (Speaking of supermodels, are there any opera-gloved photos of Tyra Banks around? I understand she has an O/G scene in the Disney movie "Life Size".)

Today's POTD is a runway shot of the elegant Canadian supermodel Yasmeen Ghauri (Pakistani/German extraction) sashaying forth in an off-the-shoulder black gown with shoudler-length black operas:

Almost 80 more pictures are available at The Yasmeen Ghauri Glove Gallery.