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Saturday, November 02, 2002
Good morning, everyone!

As we move on into November, I'm pleased to see the response the latest update has gotten. Not too surprising really; I know there are many of those of you out there who find opera gloves especially sexy, shall we say *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*! Well, that's fine - just don't expect me to put up any full-frontal, if you know what I mean and I think you do...(really, the host won't allow it, and I'm pushing the envelope some with some of the new images).
Moving on, today's POTD is more 1950's cheesecake. You might not necessarily think of Shelley Winters as a sexbomb - not today, anyway - but back in the Fifties, she was pretty hot stuff; certainly many of Hollywood's heartthrobs of the time thought her so, as evidenced in her two autobiographies (e.g., the scene where she puts on her famously named "f***-me shoes" to go to dinner with Errol Flynn and ends up in bed with the immortal swashbuckler). I don't know if the shoes qualify for the bawdy appellation in the current photo, which is a promo for a 1951 Western movie in which Shelley played a saloon girl named Frenchie, but the black mousquetaire gloves manifestly do!

There are quite a few images of Miss Winters in long gloves, in fact, and they can all be found at The Shelley Winters Glove Gallery. (I don't doubt that she's even wearing desire-enhancing shoes in some of those pictures!)

Friday, November 01, 2002
Good morning all - hope you enjoyed last night's update and didn't eat too much candy! We're at the start of a new month, and first of all, I'd like to announce that a new record was set yesterday; For the Love of Opera Gloves had 7,110 unique visitors in October (according to Extreme Tracking), which breaks last month's previous record of 6,636. In the last two months, we've had 13,746 unique visitors, making this possibly the busiest overall period in the site's history.

Next update will probably be vidcaps. I know I said that before, and then changed my mind, but this time I really mean it. :)

Today's POTD is more 1950's cheesecake, in color. You are feasting your eyes on Zsa Zsa Gabor's sister, Eva Gabor, wearing shoulder-length black operas and making a fine show of her shapely black-stockinged legs:

Much more of both Eva and Zsa Zsa, though, alas, not of their multitude of husbands, can be seen at The Gabor Sisters Glove Gallery!

Thursday, October 31, 2002
UPDATE POSTED: For the Love of Opera Gloves announces the special Halloween update! Take a walk on the wild side with Bettie, Dita, Persephone, Lilith, HellBelle, Tana and the ladies of Exotique magazine - playing now at a computer monitor near you!

Happy Halloween, everyone - sorry I'm late with today's entry. I was uploading stuff this morning and answering mail and just plain forgot to do it. (I'm still uploading things, actually; the FTP server is being mulish as usual.)

Tonight's POTD, in honor of the day, is the Mistress of the Dark, Elvira herself, in somewhat atypical red with red opera gloves:

Elvira, along with many of the other opera-gloved ladies of cult and trash cinema, can be found at B-Movie Queens in Opera Gloves!

P.S. Uploading the Tana Louise gallery now. After this, I have to finish uploading the Exotique collection, then the updated index pages, and everything should be ready.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002
Good evening, opera glove devotees! I've finished the thumbnailing and HTML'ing, and am now starting to upload the new and updated galleries. This process will continue through tonight and tomorrow, and (cross your kid-covered fingers) the update will be ready for public viewing tomorrow night - if you can spare a moment from your Halloween masquerade balls, that is!

Still waiting on permission for a couple of galleries, but I have more than enough to go with, so I'm going with it. Next update will most likely be more vidcaps - they're taking up a lot of space here that needs to be cleared, and I know a lot of you want to see them!

Good morning once again! It's an ill wind, as the saying goes, that blows none any good; I had a flat tire yesterday morning, which event compelled me to leave work early so I could drive back home to the place where I get my best prices on tires. The upside was that I had plenty of time yesterday afternoon to finish scanning the "Exotique" reprint series, which I did, over 270 photos! We'll have a gallery of Tana Louise, who was the magazine's in-house model and editorial writer, and also a nice big collection of all the 50's gloved ladies of Exotique.

Also, I have heard back from the other Goth celeb who I wanted to feature on For the Love of Opera Gloves, and she's green-lighted the idea, so tonight is when I put everything together and upload it. Got a lot of work to do if I want to get everything posted by tomorrow evening!

Today's POTD shows the very popular Italian TV star Lorella Cuccarini looking impossibly glam in a deep-backed strapless black gown coupled with shoulder-length black operas:

We feature a full page's worth (40+ images) of beautiful blonde Lorella in gloves at The Lorella Cuccarini Glove Gallery. Italian female celebrities, who have a unique sense of style IMO, may be seen at Italian Celebrities in Opera Gloves.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002
Good morning! First of all, a thank you to Dennis, who sent me a bunch of links that led to some very fine pictures of modern-era celebrities in opera gloves. If any of you reading this know of URL's that I can use, please send them to me via the email link at the left of this page (the images themselves are very welcome too, of course!)

This morning's POTD is one of the 1980's leading supermodels, Renee Simonsen, looking perfectly elegant in a "little black dress" with black operas:

The Renee Simonsen Glove Gallery is not as large as some other gallery pages at For the Love of Opera Gloves, but it has what I believe is a fine selection of photos of this beautiful Danish blonde - and if you folks should happen to have more (where she's wearing opera gloves, of course!), send them along.

Monday, October 28, 2002
Scanned 85 pictures from Exotique - and that's only the first volume of a three-volume set! At that, I left out some potential pictures, more from personal preference than anything else. These pictures are fairly risque but then again they're also fairly tame by 2002 standards - and almost all of them feature classic kidskin mousquetaires! I'm not sure, though, that I'll be able to get everything scanned by the time I have to post it all on Thursday; as I said, there are three volumes, and it took me an hour and a half to do tonight's batch.

Because I'm in a generous mood tonight :), here's a special, one-time-only evening POTD (well, there might be more of those, but don't get too anxious for that!) showcasing the kind of photography that used to be published in Exotique and other such magazines - the lensman is none other than Irving Klaw:

This, and nearly 200 more images of like sort, can be found at Classic Pinup Photography and Opera Gloves.

Good morning, folks. Organization of the next update proceeds. It's going to concentrate, befitting the nature of the upcoming holiday, on the more edgy personae of glovedom. Look for a big Betty Page update and a new gallery on at least one of the leading personages of the Goth subculture.

Today's POTD is - and I bet some of you have been waiting for this! - the one and only Marilyn Monroe. She wore opera gloves on so many occasions that you can't just point to a definitive glove moment for her. Well, scratch that, actually, you can; "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend". This photo, though, is from a moment nearly as famous, her appearance atop a pink elephant in a benefit circus at Madison Square Garden during her famous sojourn in New York City in 1955:

For the Love of Opera Gloves has nearly 500 - that's right, 500 - images of MM in long gloves starting at The Marilyn Monroe Glove Gallery.

Tonight I plan to scan some stuff from the Taschen reprint of Exotique magazine. More on that, perhaps, when I get home this evening.

Sunday, October 27, 2002
Good morning, folks. Halloween's coming up, and so is the next update. Still not quite sure what all will be in it, but Goth girls will certainly be a part of it! Meet one of the leading net.divas of the subculture, Mistress Persephone, in red accessorized with red latex opera gloves:

Nearly 100 photographs of the Mistress in opera gloves can be viewed at The Mistress Persephone Glove Gallery.