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Saturday, October 12, 2002
Good morning, people. I'm feeling some better today - still have a nagging headache and a strange urge to go to the bathroom when there's no reason to, but otherwise, I'm on the road to recovery. I did have to cut short my workday yesterday and spent most of the rest of the day in bed.

Anyhow, I fixed a couple of broken links at the What's New page, and, albeit somewhat late, here's today's POTD, the famous 1950's model Suzy Parker in a neato-keeno fashion shot from 1961 in which she's wearing black leather operas:

Suzy was probably _the_ top fashion model of the 1950's, as well as an actress; The Suzy Parker Glove Gallery has a comprehensive collection of gloved images of this elegant redhead.

Friday, October 11, 2002
Hope you folks had a good night - frankly, I had a rotten one. I came down with some sort of bug that kept me from getting more than two or three hours' sleep all night, and I'm not so sure but what I might have to go home from work early today.

Good thing, then, that I was able to get the update posted. :) Today's POTD is Jane Powell in the 1950 musical "Two Weeks With Love", the story of a girl and her corset (no, really - Jane's character is a teenager who yearns for a corset so that she can look like a grownup woman!), drawn from The Jane Powell Glove Gallery;

Have a good day, folks, while I try to see if my buzzing head will let me make it in to work.

Thursday, October 10, 2002
THE UPDATE IS POSTED!: Well, that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, and the new update is now available for all visitors to exclaim over. :) Nothing specifically _new_ this time around, in the sense of brand-new material, but there are ten _vastly_ expanded and improved vidcap collections, with high-quality stills of 640 x 480 or above, for the following movies:

An Ideal Husband (Cate Blanchett and Minnie Driver)
Animal Instincts (Shannon Whirry)
Body Chemistry 4 (Shannon Tweed)
Batman Forever (Nicole Kidman
Breakfast at Tiffany's (Audrey Hepburn)
Malibu Express (Sybil Danning)
No Way Out (Sean Young)
Pillow Talk (Doris Day)
The Millionairess (Sophia Loren)
The Thomas Crown Affair (Rene Russo)

Visit and enjoy! (As always, please let me know if there is a problem accessing the galleries and I'll get right on it as soon as I can. Hint: if the pull-down menus aren't working for you, try clearing the caches and temporary Internet file folders on your browser.)

UPDATE STATUS: The vidcap galleries have all been uploaded. I'm going to work this evening on revising the index and the "What's New" page; the update should be available to the public by midnight.

This has nothing to do with opera gloves, and I hope I won't have to post about it again, but I wish all of you reading this would spare a thought for the families and friends of the victims of the D.C. sniper, and the policemen/women who are trying to track him down. The killer (if in fact it's the same person) struck again right here in Manassas, and I'm feeling a serious sense of trepidation just about now.

Since I came across a bunch of new Bettie Page images last night, today's POTD is an offering from The Bettie Page Glove Gallery, For the Love of Opera Gloves' collection of over 300 pictures of the most famous pinup model ever:

As to the update, the FTP server got mulish again, but the majority of the images have been uploaded so the update ought to be ready by late tonight; I'll be continuing to upload vidcaps today.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002
UPDATE STATUS: I've finished making the new gallery pages and expect to upload them overnight. The formal update (once the What's New and index pages are properly updated) will most likely be tomorrow evening. Ten movies in this collection - these are all movies that have previously been featured at For the Love of Opera Gloves, but with new, high-quality (many from DVD's), vastly expanded galleries! Stay tuned....

I've added the PayPal donation "button" to each index page as well as the front page, the "What's New" page and the Links page at the site, so that you'll now have multiple options for making voluntary donations.

Also, I've come across a goodly number of new Bettie Page and Dita images, and a whole gallery's worth of pics of another of the great underground pin-up queens of the 1950's, Tana Louise. Watch for these sexy images in coming updates!

Today's POTD is a particularly sexy shot from the 1950's, the beautiful Jeanne Crain wearing a seductive smile and a pair of spectacular shoulder-length black opera gloves:

Those who are interested to see more of a gloved Miss Crain may consult The Jeanne Crain Glove Gallery.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002
I taped a couple more movies today off TCM: "Summer Holiday" with Marilyn Maxwell, and "You'll Never Get Rich" with Rita Hayworth. Rita is wearing an extremely unusual pair of fishnet mousquetaires in the latter movie, as much sleeve as glove. Rest assured, you'll see the vidcaps in due course!

I've just added PayPal to the "donation center", so visitors to this blog now have two options for online donations to help out For the Love of Opera Gloves. (Actually, you have three - if you don't care to do a donation online, you can contact me directly at to arrange for old-fashioned paper donations via US Mail. If the PayPal donation button doesn't work for some reason, you can go directly to PayPal, if you have an account there, and make a donation to For the Love of Opera Gloves under my ID there,

I would like to ask all readers again to please consider digging into your pockets to find something to help out For the Love of Opera Gloves with. In the three years since I founded this website, I make a rough calculation that I've spent something on the order of $3,000 - $3,400 on expenses directly and indirectly related to maintaining and expanding the site, everything from buying DVD's with opera-glove scenes to newer and faster computer equipment to manipulate the all-important images with. I've received occasional donations over the year, which are most sincerely appreciated, but I still haven't come anywhere near close, not even remotely, to making up all the expenses I've laid out, and am still laying out.

I've been determined from the beginning that For the Love of Opera Gloves was, is, and shall remain a free site; that no admission fee shall ever be a requirement for viewing everything we have to offer. Even so, nothing in this world comes free - especially not after the bursting of the Internet bubble. I think the question I'm trying to put to all of you folks, in a roundabout way, is: Is the largest and best opera-glove picture archive on the Web, (also one of the biggest celebrity and classic fashion picture archives) worth $5 or $10 of your money or whatever _you_ think it's worth?

I know times are hard for everyone - I've felt that at firsthand myself this past summer, having been laid off for several weeks because of lack of work at my daytime job (happily, I'm working fulltime again now). All the same, please consider making a donation via PayPal or Amazon. Thank you very, very much, and end of sermon. :)

No major news today, but Tuesday's POTD is the classic photo of Kim Novak in operas, fishnets, and lace-trimmed merry widow from "Pal Joey":

The Kim Novak Glove Gallery has a comprehensive collection of images of Miss Novak in gloves, and Kim Novak in "Pal Joey" is the first gallery in a collection with over 600 vidcaps from the movie (also starring Barbara Nichols in a secondary role as a member of Kim's chorus.

Monday, October 07, 2002
Another workweek begins, but I wouldn't want to leave you without the POTD! Monday's offering is Ann-Margret in her role in the remake of "A Streetcar Named Desire" some years back:

Our favorite redheaded Swedish-Midwestern bombshell is featured in more opera-gloved pics at The Ann-Margret Glove Gallery!

Sunday, October 06, 2002
Will be doing a lot more vidcapping today as the occasion permits - I plan to be clearing a lot of the MPEG's off my hard drive so I can make room for more. Also, I intend to get to work on the next update, which will be another all-vidcap one; looking to get it posted by Thursday or Friday as usual.

Watched "Our Man Flint" last night, and it does have a couple of good scenes, notably the New York nightclub sequence where Flint's four ladyfriends are all wearing white kid operas. Thanks to Harper at Elegance Beauty for alerting me to this movie.

Today's POTD is a 1980's fashion shot, showing a model draped in a silver Emanuel Ungaro strapless dress and encased in black opera gloves:

Over 700 photos of (mostly) modern-era opera-glove-fashion images are available at Opera Gloves in Modern Haute Couture.