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Saturday, September 28, 2002
Not a whole lot new to report this morning, except that I hope to get to work on the next update sometime today; I'm still deciding whether to finish up the Modern section or give you some more Classic Stars. Speaking of classic stars, here's the Picture of the Day, featuring the one single woman who did more than anyone else (even Lillian Russell!) to make opera gloves a fashionable item world-wide; the "Divine Sarah", the immortal Sarah Bernhardt:

To see more of the way in which Mme. Bernhardt made opera-length gloves a part of her mystique, visit The Sarah Bernhardt Glove Gallery.

Friday, September 27, 2002
Today's Picture of the Day is another blast from the past, as we take a look at the supreme sex symbol of the Gay Nineties, Lillian Russell, one of the women who is most credited with popularizing the opera glove in America:

(The flaws in the image exist because this is a scan of a very old "cabinet card", a large 19th-century photographic print made for display.) The Lillian Russell Glove Gallery has not only the largest - indeed, the only - substantial collection of gloved Russell photographs on the Web, but is one of the few substantial Russell galleries on the Web (believe me, I've looked!).

For the record, I'm back at my day job today, so this blog won't be updated further until this evening. Hope you folks are enjoying the new update!

Thursday, September 26, 2002
Two announcements:

First of all, the update is posted - balky FTP server notwithstanding - and is now available for public view! What's New at For the Love of Opera Gloves has a complete listing of new galleries.

Second, I did get recalled to work - only for tomorrow, not today. Actually, I hope this won't affect future updates too badly, because I'm not sure just yet whether the recall is permanent or just temporary. I intend to post another update next week; this time, I plan to rework the Modern division from the ground up. I've already posted a little bit of it, with the Webmodels gallery being re-thumbnailed.

My "enforced vacation" might be ending today, as I might be recalled to work this morning, so don't be expecting a lot of posts here today. The FTP server is being balky as usual, but I intend to have the new update posted by tonight.

At this moment, I'm uploading the next update, a collection of video captures from 15 movies - over 120 galleries and 4,500+ images. Among the movie stills being uploaded is a collection from "Moulin Rouge" (2001), which brings me to today's Picture of the Day, Nicole Kidman in the aforementioned movie:

To see more of Nicole, visit The Nicole Kidman Glove Gallery!

Wednesday, September 25, 2002
For the Love of Opera Gloves received 255 unique visitors yesterday, according to Extreme Tracking, which makes the 5th day in a row that the site has received 200+ unique visitors. In these five days, we've now had over 1,200 visitors.

Since I vidcapped a movie yesterday in which Canadian actress Deborah Duchene co-starred, I decided that today's Picture of the Day should show Ms. Duchene in her best-known role, Janette in "Forever Knight":

Visit the Deborah Duchene Glove Gallery to see more images of the elegant vampiress!

Tuesday, September 24, 2002
Have added two more movie-still directories to the upload queue; "The Carpetbaggers" (Martha Hyer) and "Satan in High Heels" (Sabrina). The plan is to do up the HTML tomorrow, then start uploading overnight Wed. - Thurs. There's almost 130 MB to put up, so it's going to take a fair bit of time; all the same, I plan to have the update posted by Friday morning 9/27.

If any of you is having trouble with the newly rearranged indexes at For the Love of Opera Gloves, I need to know. I received a report earlier today at the discussion board that at least two of the new indexes were nonfunctional. Upon testing them both, with different browsers, both index pages worked perfectly, but that doesn't mean they're trouble-free (though this was the first report I'd had of any problems). Write me at the email address on the left side of this screen if you're experiencing difficulties.

MPEG'ing is complete. I got no fewer than five opera-glove scenes off "Sugartime", featuring not only Mary-Louise Parker but also Deborah Duchene (who is, now that I think on it, going to be the subject of tomorrow's "Picture of the Day"). Unfortunately, it'll probably be a while before you see any of these vidcaps, because there's so much else in the queue. In point of fact, I've settled on a big (116 MB, stills from 13 movies) vidcap update which I'm planning to begin the HTML prep for tonight or tomorrow, with an eye to getting things posted NLT Friday 9/27.

Just as I expected, For the Love of Opera Gloves had another 200+-visitor day yesterday. For the period from Friday to Monday, the website had just over 1,000 unique visitors according to Extreme Tracking. (According to Xtremestats, which has a more thorough counting system, 1,394 unique visitors came to see what For the Love of Opera Gloves has to offer during the same time period.)

Good morning, everyone! Today's Picture of the Day reaches back to the late Victorian era to reacquaint you all with one of the greatest stars of the period, English actress and "professional beauty" Lillie Langtry (mistress of Edward VII and heart-throb of Judge Roy Bean):

For more images of the Jersey Lily in opera gloves, visit The Lillie Langtry Glove Gallery.

Monday, September 23, 2002
We at For the Love of Opera Gloves are less than 1,000 visitors away now from our 100,000th visitor (including reloads), according to Extreme Tracking. Also, if nothing happens to interrupt access to the site, we'll have the 4th 200+-visitor day in a row this month - something that's rarely happened in the time since tracking was reset in May of last year.

PROJECT STATUS UPDATE: Made MPEG's of two of the movies I had on the to-do list this afternoon; two brief Joanne Whalley-Kilmer black-O/G scenes from "Scandal", and a sequence with Miranda Richardson in white elbow-length slipons from "The Bachelor" (no, NOT the Chris MacDonnell/Renee Zellwenger vehicle). "Afterglow", with Julie Christie, is next on the list, then "Sugartime", with Mary Louise Parker; I've been looking for the last-named movie for over two and a half years, in fact!

PROJECT STATUS: Today, I'm going to make some more MPEG's from various movies that I picked up over the past week, and maybe do some extra vidcaps as well. Also, I have a group of vidcap directories waiting to be formally gallerized and uploaded, and the Modern division (80's Celebs, 90's Celebs, the various international galleries, etc.) is also on the schedule for a complete reconstruction. Assuming I'm still on my "enforced vacation" from work for the rest of this week, those will be my major priorities for the 9/23 - 9/28 period. I am aiming to have at least one site update formally posted by this Friday.

Time for the Picture of the Day, opera glove fanciers! Today's image (originally foraged from an auction on eBay) depicts 1950's Italian screen goddess and va-va-voom sex bomb Gina Lollobrigida in a still from her 1955 film "Beautiful But Dangerous":

For the Love of Opera Gloves has over 120 pictures of La Lollo, viewable here (go to the index page to get to the other three galleries.) "Beautiful But Dangerous" is a very difficult movie to get in America, but I managed it a couple of years back and I have vidcaps here! (9 galleries in all, make sure to go to the index to access the other eight.)

Sunday, September 22, 2002
Not a whole lot to report today, fans. Apart from doing a small tweaking to the front page, looking for possible new link partners, and keeping tabs on the stats, I haven't really done very much work with the site today. I expect to be putting up at least one new update sometime this week, most likely in the Vidcaps section, and possibly will also do a reconstruction of the Modern section.

For the Love of Opera Gloves presents the Picture of the Day for Sunday, September 22, 2002; modern-day pinup/fetish goddess Dita Von Teese at the March 2002 premiere of the "Resident Evil" movie!

More - much, much more - of Dita can be found starting here; a total of 7 galleries, 270 pictures - one of the largest collections devoted to a single star at For the Love of Opera Gloves!