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Saturday, September 21, 2002
The past two days have been exceptionally productive for For the Love of Opera Gloves - nearly 500 unique visitors through the '"front door" according to and 900 through the index page according to This being Saturday night, though, I doubt the site is going to see much more action tonight, so herewith I close up shop. See you all tomorrow! (First off - the new Picture of the Day!)

I just realized that when I removed the Cinema Index yesterday (because the URL's in it hadn't been updated in forever), I also removed the list of all the movies that have opera-glove scenes. If anyone has the titles of any movies with good OG scenes that haven't yet been presented on the site, email them to me. This is one reason why I need donations; I have to rent these movies, or sometimes buy them because they're not available for rental.

RANDOM MUMBLINGS DEPARTMENT, OPERA GLOVE SECTION, AISLE 2: I was once told that the sexiest opera-glove scene ever was Julia Parton's turn in "Good Girls Don't" (or is that "Good Girls Do"? it was such a forgettable movie, I've even forgotten what the exact title was); when I watched it, I really couldn't see what all the shouting was about. I can identify any number of scenes off the top of my head, even in "children's" movies, that have more erotic heat than that. Even so, like a good little webmaster, I vidcapped that sequence and it's available in the vidcaps section. (More proof that a webmaster can't go entirely by his own personal preferences, he has to deliver to the public what they want.)

RANDOM MUMBLINGS DEPARTMENT, OPERA GLOVE SECTION: The trashiest pair of operas I've ever seen anyone wear yet has got to be the flowered set that Ginger Lynn Allen wore in "Vice Academy II". It literally hurt my eyes to see those gloves, not even taking into account having to freeze-frame that sequence to vidcap it. The things Your Faithful Webmaster does for his clientele...

I've still got a whole bunch of movies to vidcap, including three discs from Netflix that I've had out for _way_ too long and need to get done and get back to them. Right now, though, I'm working on "Scandal" (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, identified 2 short scenes to capture); "The Bachelor" (not the Renee Zellweger version, this one stars Miranda Richardson and Kristin Scott Thomas); "Sugartime" (Mary Louise Parker, and I've been looking for this one for literally years) and "Afterglow" (Julie Christie). After that comes "Troublebound" (Patricia Arquette) and "Danielle Steel's Secrets" (Stephanie Beacham).

(Meant to post this this morning, but I clicked the wrong item on the menu and closed the browser instead, if you can believe that.)

Top 10 opera-glove-loving nations outside the U.S.A., calculating by unique visitors to For the Love of Opera Gloves (stats, again, from

1) Japan (2,312)
2) United Kingdom (2,245)
3) Germany (1,960)
4) Canada (1,905)
5) Netherlands (1,154)
6) France (965)
7) Australia (937)
8) Italy (726)
9) Belgium (609)
10) Sweden (549)

(So why can't I find enough pictures of Japanese celebrities in opera gloves to make a proper gallery?)

The bottom ten:

74) Venezuela (2)
75) Guatemala (2)
76) Costa Rica (2)
77) Egypt (1)
78) Oman (1)
79) Kuwait (1)
80) Macau (1)
81) Namibia (1)
82) Malta (1)
83) Greenland (1)

(Greenland?? NAMIBIA???)

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The Top 50 Gloves Sites List now has three members. Welcome to Klass-N-Sass and Sumptuous Gloves! Webmasters/webmistresses of other sites with glove content who are interested in joining should go here:

The Top 50 Gloves Sites List

Here are the top-ten external referrers to For the Love of Opera Gloves as of today (statistics gathered from; excludes search engines, links from other areas of the website and this blog):

1) The Tight Skirts Page

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Can anyone help me figure out how to install an Amazon Honor System Paybox on the left side of this screen (under the archives listing)? I've tried several times, but I'm just plain stumped.

In recent days, two of the Web's best vintage-glamour photo sites have given me permission to reproduce samples of their work at For the Love of Opera Gloves:


Go visit them today!

Here's today's Picture of the Day: the pre-"Beautiful Mind" Jennifer Connelly in "The Rocketeer":

Turns out I was a little in error yesterday - I just reviewed the tracking logs at Extreme Tracking (from now on, I'll have to check both Extreme Tracking and XtremeStats) and it turns out I already had 20 visitors from the PRC prior to yesterday. Oh, well.

Friday, September 20, 2002
Well, today is a red-letter day for For the Love of Opera Gloves in more ways than one. The site has just received its first visitor from the People's Republic of China.

Hot dog - it works! It really works! :)

In fact, I've got a brilliant idea which I hope you folks will like. From now on, every day (or as often as I remember), I will post a "picture of the day" here on the Opera Glove Blog as a sample of what you can find on my website. Today's Picture of the Day is the full-size version of the picture from which bannerd.jpg is derived:


For webmasters who would like to link to For the Love of Opera Gloves, four new banners are now available on the front page. They're reproduced below (if I can get HTML to work properly on Blogspot):

Simply pick one of those banners and put it on your links page, using as the links URL. I personally like banner D (bannerd.jpg) the best, but don't let that stop you from picking whichever banner best catches your fancy. I might even make some more today.

Attention, opera glove fanciers, a blue light special is now available in aisle 7: The Classic department of For the Love of Opera Gloves has now been completely reconstructed and updated! These are the sections:

Opera-Gloved Celebrities of the 1920's and 1930's
Opera-Gloved Celebrities of the 1940's
Opera-Gloved Celebrities of the 1950's and 1960's
Opera-Gloved Supermodels of the 1950's
Can-Can Dancers in Opera Gloves
Opera Gloves in Fine Art
The Opera-Gloved Beauties of Harrison Fisher
The Opera-Gloved Beauties of Bill Ward
The Opera-Gloved Beauties of Fritz Willis
The Opera-Gloved Beauties of Lacy Unltd.
Gibson Girls in Opera Gloves
Opera Divas in Opera Gloves
Opera-Gloved Celebrities of the Edwardian Era
The Opera Glove in Vintage Pinup Art
The Opera Glove in Vintage Pinup Photography
Royalty in Opera Gloves

Every category has been sorted out into its own directory/folder, and rethumbnailed as necessary. The General Index of For the Love of Opera Gloves has also been completely reconstructed - split, in fact, into the original index plus eight category-oriented indexes.