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Thursday, September 05, 2002
I also still have about 15 to 20 DVD's, as well as a like number of VHS tapes, stacked and awaiting vidcapping. (How's that for a laconic blog entry?)

Next up: some of the 800+ MB of vidcaps that are crowding the queue. I'm not quite sure what to post because I have nearly 100 movie directories.

Reminder to all visitors; if you like the way the new galleries have been sorted out and organized, you can easily show your appreciation by dropping a little something into the Honor System paybox. Yes, this is a shameless plug. :) It doesn't cost quite as much to run this site as it does some others, but it does represent a significant investment, especially in time.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002
The update is NOW POSTED: 5 1930's galleries, 9 1940's galleries, 17 1950's galleries, a total of nearly 1,200 images. Go there now!!

With the use of CyberLink's PowerVCR II, I've finally solved the old technical problem of how to make vidcaps from VHS tapes. Previously, I had to run each tape, advance the frames by hand, and then click the capture button on my video application for each frame I wanted to capture - a time-consuming and laborious procedure. Nowadays, though, I run the tape, start PowerVCR, and record a MPEG clip at 640 x 480 resolution, then play the clip back with PowerDVD and capture frames quickly and easily. I've already made a huge amount of progress on the backlog of tapes I had stacked up.

Two months! *urk* Sorry about that, folks. Anyway, this is just a brief post to get this blog reactivated and to advise all of you that the new update is being uploaded now. The categories are 30's Celebrities (1920 - 1939), 40's Celebrities (1940 - 1949), and 50's Celebrities (1950 - 1969). Much more will be forthcoming in short order once it's all properly thumbnailed and organized.