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Friday, May 10, 2002
What a week. I had more problems with my computer this weekend, but it all turned out well and I've made a basic system upgrade that puts me in position to really soup up the computer later on. Basically, I was having problems with excessive heat and dust buildup, coupled with an old and inadequate power supply, that were causing frequent system freezes, including outright failures to boot completely. Yesterday, I went out, bought a new 300W AMD-certified ATX power supply, brought it home, opened up the case, sprayed the system out from top to bottom with compressed air, installed a second system fan in one of the expansion slots, and put in the new power supply. So far, so good; in fact, the computer has now been powered up for 26+ hours (with several soft restarts) with no hangs or unexpected freezes. _Maybe_ I can now get back on track with site updates; in fact, I've begun scanning books again.

By the way, "Edward the King" arrived in the mail today!

Monday, May 06, 2002
Feeling rather sandbagged this morning. I've been working a project involving overtime this morning, and pulled my pay stub out of the mailbox yesterday. My teeth almost fell out of my head when I saw that I've earned more money for that payperiod than at just about any time since I was laid off from my previous job nearly seven years ago. Anyway, that's how I came to be able to afford "Edward the King", which is fairly pricey, even on bargain-central eBay. I expect to be able to pick up at least a couple more DVD's this month. (Speaking of DVD's, I vidcapped "Gigi" yesterday afternoon. I finally cracked down and did some real work on my way-overdue vidcapping yesterday!!)

I've heard of odd Google searches, but so far For the Love of Opera Gloves hasn't really seen that many really odd Google search strings. On the other hand, though, for some peculiar reason, every so often somebody will input the word "pantyhose" into Google and come up with my site. It's strange - I don't _think_ the word "pantyhose" appears on the site's main page, not even in the "meta" area.

In other news; I've just put in a winning bid for the BBC miniseries "Edward the King". This show has been strongly recommended to me as being a cornucopia of opera-glove scenes; it has Francesca Annis in a supporting role as Lillie Langtry (prefiguring her star turn as Lillie in the miniseries of the same name).

Sunday, May 05, 2002
Vidcapped no fewer than four DVD's this morning: "Butterfield 8", "Four For Texas", "The Millionairess" and "Trial By Jury". Regular site visitors may recognize the latter two films as being the subject of existing galleries; well, those galleries will now be replaced with larger galleries (several hundred images each) with much better-quality images.