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Saturday, May 04, 2002
It's not just the opera-glove thing either: "The Cat's Meow" is actually a good adult (in the sense of grown-up) movie. I don't know if Bogdanovich's version of the Ince scandal is the true one, but the cast, particularly Dunst, Edward Herrman (as William Randolph Hearst), Eddie Izzard (Charlie Chaplin) and Cary Elwes (the luckless Thomas Ince) put in excellent performances.

Saw "The Cat's Meow" this afternoon. GO SEE IT! Kirsten Dunst is resplendent in black velvet and white satin opera gloves through seemingly half of the movie, and not just that, but Joanna Lumley (Elinor Glyn) and Jennifer Tilly (Louella Parsons) wear black operas too. Again, go see this opera-glove fest!

A note that has nothing to do with gloves: If you run an antivirus program - and you really better should have one - make sure your email scanning is turned on. The W32.Klez.*@mm worm, in all its incarnations (the .gen variant carries the very nasty Elkern virus) spreads via email and has some insidious tricks which sometimes make it look like that _you_ sent yourself the worm. TURN EMAIL SCANNING ON!

Friday, May 03, 2002
I think vidcaps will be the next update. I have almost 400 MB of those images stuffing that particular directory on my hard drive. Maybe I'll upload some of them this weekend and then upload the HTML files when I create them.

For the record: "The Cat's Meow" went into limited-general release today. Kirsten Dunst plays Marion Davies, lots of opera-glove scenes. I plan to see if I can get to see it tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 01, 2002
Superb site with lots of photographs of ladies of the 1890's to the 1920's in opera gloves:

See, especially, the "Court Dress" section, which includes subpages on the 1902 and 1911 coronations.

Opera-glove movies tonight: "Toast of New Orleans", starring Kathryn Grayson, on TCM at midnight.

For that matter, please do drop in something in the Amazon Honor System payboxes which you'll find on the front page, the index page and the "What's New" page. You can put in as little as one dollar ($1.00), completely anonymous, and it'll go toward helping run and improve the site.

Looks like we're back in the swing of things. For the Love of Opera Gloves has received 257 original visitors so far today, according to - and that's counting visitors who come in through the front door; I know a lot of folks go in through other pages, I've got so many of them! Again; please do visit the store (and the store and my link, for that matter). I've got this little matter of back taxes I owe to the IRS, and anything you can buy from any of those sources will help me greatly.,

Tuesday, April 30, 2002
I forgot to mention; check out the site's new store, presented to you via The collection is pretty basic so far, but I'll be working on improving it, especially if people buy lots of stuff with pictures of classic opera-gloved stars!

Hooray! A new update is finally up at For the Love of Opera Gloves! Tonight's new images consist of a complete revamping and reorganization of my Fashion and Royalty collections, adding several hundred new images and reorganizing everything into new folders for easier administration. Drop by tonight!