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Sunday, March 31, 2002
Happy Easter, folks. I'm sorry again about the delay in posting. I've just spent the past couple of days recovering my system from a very serious attack by the W95_CIH (Chernobyl) family of viruses, which potentially could have been devastating. As matters turned out, I was very fortunate; CIH didn't, for some reason, attack the BIOS, which meant that I could still boot my primary computer and work in Safe Mode in Win98, and move all my website files to a safe location until I could reformat the C: drive and reinstall Windows.

In light of the above, it should surprise no one whatsoever that I am strongly urging you all to get current antivirus software and use it.

Moving on to site matters; the Oscars, as I was afraid they would, proved a bust opera-glove wise, but there was one bright spot; "Moulin Rouge" won the Academy Award for costuming. You remember that film, of course; Nicole Kidman as Satine, lowered from the ceiling on a swing, decked out in black kid leather opera gloves. I'm pleased to report at least one Oscar which I can totally agree was bestowed on the right movie. :)

Due to the virus attack, I didn't make any progress in vidcapping or scanning this weekend. I'm going to try to get going again this week, but there are other things coming up that may interfere. We'll have to see what we'll have to see. It's also time to begin planning the next update.